Pneumatic Conveying Plants


Kulik-Fördertechnik has revolutionised the pneumatic conveying process of bulk goods by using highest technology standards !

There are various possibilities of conveying such as:

  • low pressure conveying plants for a continuous feeding of bulk goods  via for example rotary valves
  • high pressure conveying plants for a discontinuous feeding of bulk goods via for example vessel
  • pressure suction conveyor plants for loading- and disloading of ships, rail wagons, etc.
  • mobile pneumatic conveyor plants with electric motor or pivot
  • continuous development of processing plants and their components, guarantee of highest safety standards during operation



Low pressure plant:

The bulk good is mixed with the conveyed air Via a rotary valve and injection pipe. The proportions between conveyed air and bulk good can be adjusted via the rotation speed of the rotary valve. Therefore the conveying pressure can be regulated.








High pressure plant:

The sender vessel can be operated with low speed of approx. 5 m./sec, therefore a careful convesing of the bulk goods can be guaranteed.

Difference of low pressure conveying plant:

  • higher prime costs by use of screw blower
  • higher conveying pressure
  • charging times of sender vessel.

A sender vessel will be charged with bulk goods ( s. picture). The sender vessel will be loccked hermetically. The sender gets overpressure via a screw blower. B yreaching overpressure from approx. 2,5 bar, a valve on below the vessel will be opened. This part is connected to the the conveying pipe.Therefore the bulk good will be conveyed to the destination. After the conveying process, the procedure starts again, i.e. the sender will be charged again.

Application fields:

  • Transportation of distances from 200 m to 1500 m.
  • Transportation of very abrasive materials.
  • Transportation of fragile materials, which can easily be damaged under using high transportation speed.

Capacities from 0,5 t/h to 150 t/h.



Rail unloading by silo vehicles of the Switzerland Railway station into silo and storage place

The screw blower for producing the conveying air is placed inside. The railway waggons are used as sender vessel. Conveyed material: NaCl. Conveying pressure approx. 1,5 tos 2,5 bar (overpressure) 

shipunloaders1Suction pressure plants:

The suction pressure plant will be used for unloading ships, waggons or trucks.

The bulk good will be transportated by the suction plant to an intermediate vessel. This vessel is functionning like a cyclone with filter.
The conveyed material will be separated from the support air and guided via a rotary valve to the low pressure plant. Therefore the conveyed material can be conveyed to the destinated stations such as for example silo, hall or bunker.
The suction pressure plant can be manufactured fixed or mobile.


MoBi15Schaltschrank_017 Mobile pneumatic conveying plant with electro-motor:

In case of conveying bulk goods, reliability and serviceability are in demad. The pneumatic conveying system type MoBi with its patented noise control is connectiong the requirements of a modern conveyor plant in an ideal way. Now, even the use in noise reduced areas as well as in buildings is possible. More..


Billede_086Mobile pneumatic conveying plant with pivot:

An example for mobility is our offered mobile conveying plant which is actuated by the use of a pivot.
In this case the conveyor will be actuated by a tractor or unimog.


  • no electricity connections necessary
  • actuation via pivot
  • therefore highest mobility
  • standard connection for transportation


  • pollution due to exhausts
  • no application in buildings