Diverter valve DN 50 - DN 450

The diverter valves of Kulik Fördertechnik can mainly be used for the conveying of bulk goods in high-pressure plants as well as for low-pressure plants. The diverter valves will be used in order to convey respectively divert dry, dusty goods, not sticky .

The diverter valve guarantees a perfect sealing. In case of conveying various products, the mixing of bulk goods can be prevented. The diverter valves of Kulik Fördertechnik can be easily maintained. Sealing rings can be changed without disassembly of the complete valve with only short process stoppages.



  • long-life expectancy, solid, reliable
  • Housing made out of ST-37, alternatively: Hardox 400 (welded design)
  • Shut-off plate made out of ST-37, alternatively: Hardox 400 (welded design)
  • Sealing: Viton, Vullkolan, PTFE
  • Temperature range: - 50° celsius up to 220° celsius
  • Diverter pressure: 1,5 up to 5 bar
  • Sizes: DN 50 - 450, special sizes on request



Solid design of the diverter valve existing out of diverter housing, swivel arm with shut-off plate and pneumatic swivel drive. The closing of one outlet will be obtained by a sealing plate, which will be pressed against a flange (outlet sleeve).

Electric design:

In each end positon, the diverter valve is equipped with a limit switch  (Open/ Close) for standard signalisation. A 5/3-way solneoid valve will be used as control valve.

Operation data of the pneumatic cylinder:

  • Control pressure: approx. 6 bar
  • Operation pressure: max. 10 bar




Rohrweiche Skizze

Dimension sheet ©Kulik Fördertechnik: Diverter Valve





Rohrweiche Skizze





By dismounting the pneumatic cylinder and the hand hole plate, the flap sealing can be changed fast and easily without dissambly the complete diverter valve. Only the flap with the sealing  can be pulled out of the diverter valve.