Rotary Valves CE Norm

Rotary valves of Kulik Fördertechnik enhance the efficiancy and safety of your conveyor plant. Due to the high-precision in manufacturing the rotary valves, we can guarantee highest density while conveying the bulk goods. Furthermore you can obtain more safety while conveying high-explosive goods - or in case you require complete purity.

Various designs

  • multifarious constructions (square or round)
  • many designs (tangential rotary valve, coarse-grained-, clearing- or blowing valves)
  • Construction out of casted iron
  • also available in stainless-steel for food industry, chemical- or pharmaceutical industry



  • Dosage of very abrasive and/ or hot materials
  • Dosage of all flowing, powdered, coarse-grained or fine materials (i.e. flour, beans, pellets or sawdust, fly ash, sludge, salt NaCl)
  • increases the capacity of your conveyor plant
  • highest safety due to absolute tightness ( operation with different pressure from 1 to 1,5 bar is possible, explosion proofed up to 10 bar)
  • very solid, pressure- and shock-proof
  • high density by the use of 8 to 10 rotor wheels


Efficiancy curve of rotary valves mady by Kulik Fördertechnik:

Picture of our rotary valve:

  • Chain protection
  • Rotor and housing exactly grinded
  • diagonally vanes for solid material flow
  • 8 to 10 rotor vanes for absolut sealing
  • solid housing out of casted iron or as solid welding construction also available made out of stainless steel
  • frequency converter







example: stainless steel design as welded construction